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    KWS-C1-P - Wooden Furniture Stand With 3-Pedal Unit System Compatible For Casio PX-S1000 PX-S1100 PX-S3000 PX-S3100 PX-S5000 Digital Pianos Keyboards
    $258 USD
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    • Model No:KWS-C1-P

    Product Name: keyboard wood stand compatible for Casio PX-S1000 PX-S1100 PX-S3000 PX-S3100 PX-S5000 Digital Pianos Keyboards, black and white, with or without 3 pedals

    Material technology: high grade electric piano wood, all alloy 3 pedal unit, connecting angle iron all adopt alloy material

    Cable length: About 1.7m (customizable)

    The stand color: Black / white

    The 3 pedal color: Gold / Silver 


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