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    H951BT - 5.1 Decoder DAC for DTS AC-3 digital surround audio and video system (Black)
    $149.99 USD
    • Brand:ATNEDCVH
    • Model No:H951BT
    ※ 9 signal source inputs(3×HDMI / COXIAL / OPTICAL / PC-USB / U disk-USB / AUX / BT-5.0 Receiver).You can switch different signal sources randomy
        by Button or Remote. The BT-5.0 Receiver,The transmission distance is up to 15m.100 level volume adjustment, more delicate sound quality.

    ※ All signal source(HDMI/ARC/COX/OPT/PC-USB/AUX/U disk-USB/BT-5.0) can decode to 5.1ch output,it is audio decoder system. Except for U disk all signal sources
        (HDMI/ARC/COX/OPT/PC-USB/AUX/BT-5.0) can convert to COXIAL/OPTICAL output.it is S/PDIF Switcher system. Support 192Khz/24Bit playing.If the audio signal source
        is 5.1ch then the hardware decodes (real 5.1). if the audio signal source is 2.0 then Software decoding (virtual 5.1).

    ※ Compatible for all audio format decoding output: Dolby AC-3, DTS, DTS-ES, FLAC,APE,WAV, HDCD, AAC, WMV, MP3, m4a, etc.
        Support 5.1ch or 2.0ch outputing mode.FL/FR active when 2.0ch output mode.LCD panel display, real-time display of playing information.

    ※ Support many different devices,such as TV box, Set-Top Box, Blu-ray DVD, IPTV, PS/XBox game machine, PC, U disk, Mobile phone,Tablet PC,
        Hifi player audio and video(hdmi)input. Audio and video synchronization output.The HDMI video can output 4K to HDTV and monitor or projector.
        5.1ch/analog output to 5.1 old power amplifier output, 5.1 old Active Speaker; 5.1ch/digital output to digital power amplifier or digital active speaker
        by COX or OPT (U disk does't support digital outputing).

    ※ Mighty surrounds 5.1 sound effect,let your speakers surround 360°,give you a real scene.It has high-definition 4K video output function and supports 3D.
        It is an excellent Home theater, games, High Quality 5.1ch Stereo Surrounding music playing and others entertainment that 5.1ch audio and video solution.
        Don't have to go to the cinema that can experience the sound effect like a cinema.


    3×HDMI / ARC / PC-USB / U disk-USB / COXIAL / OPTICAL / AUX / BT-5.0 Receiver

    5.1ch (RCA) / 2.0ch (FL/FR) / HDMI / COXIAL / OPTICAL

    Support input devices:
    TV box, Set-Top Box, Blu-ray DVD, IPTV, PS/XBox games console, PC, U disk, Mobile phone,Tablet PC,Hifi player,etc.

    Support output devices:
    a 5.1 Old amp / active speakers, a 5.1 Digital amp / active speakers,2.0 Speakers etc. HDMI supports output HD 4K@30Hz video to Monitor,HDTV or projector and supports 3D.

    *Note: This isn't an amp. It can't be used as an amp. Small Speakers can be use directly, And high-power Speakers needs to connect with an amp to drive.

    Product size:
    L 200mm/7.87in * W 85mm/3.34in * H 55mm/2.16in

    What's in the box:
    D51-B machine *1
    Infrared remote controller *1 (No batteries)
    DC power adapter *1
    1m Digital Optical Fiber Cable *1
    USB/A to B Cable 1.5m *
    IR extended cable *1
    The driver for PC *1
    User manual *1

    Other features: 
    ● It is easy to adjust the volume. You can adjust volume by the remote control of this unit or volume adjustment knob.
      (Only when the TV or TV box is set to PCM output, the TV or TV box remote control can be used to control the volume.)
    ● Support Dolby/DTS Digital decoding, And Dobly True HD or Plus And DTS Ma HD Are Not Supported, But Can Be Compatible With It to output 5.1 Surround. 
    ● The driver needs to be installed When With a PC works, And only WIN XP, VISTA, 7, 8, 10 systems is supported. No driver required for other devices or HDMI to work. 
    ● The HDCP version is HDCP 1.4,please set your set-top box or TV to 4K @ 30Hz or below to display. 
    ● Compatible with Youtube, Netflix, Twitch, Pandora, Spotify,etc all audio and video apps.
    ● Firmware upgrade is supported, and the latest product information can be got through our official website or email.